I've started and collaborated with companies around the world including some of my favorites...

MIT Sloan School of Management 2020

I currently teach the "New Enterprises" course for undergraduate, graduate, and PhD students at the MIT Sloan School of Management and previously taught the Advanced Entrepreneurship course, "Building an Entrepreneurial Venture: Advanced Tools and Techniques.”

Oceanworks 2019

I'm building Oceanworks, the global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products, with an incredible team based in Santa Monica, California. I architected and manage the digital marketplace, all supporting systems, and customer experience to drive customer and supplier growth.

Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship 2018

I am an Entrepreneur in Residence at MIT's entrepreneurship center where I developed and manage the digital entrepreneurship platform, Orbit, which served 33% of MIT students in its first year. At MIT, I coach and advise students through various programs including MIT fuse, MIT delta v, MIT Executive Education, and the Sandbox Innovation Fund. I also run workshops, publish articles, and run/judge hackathons including the MIT FinTech Challenge and MIT Hacking Arts.

Queensland University of Technology 2019

I'm working with the QUT Entrepreneurship team at the Queensland University of Technology to support them on their journey to serve 50,000 students across six schools as a part of the strategic collaboration between MIT and QUT.

LogMeIn 2017

I worked with LogMeIn's innovation team to build an artificial intelligence note taking assistant. I focused a lot of my time on developing integrations, which directly led to 1,000%+ user growth.

Cisco 2017

I built real-time communication sales and collaboration tools for Cisco Spark and won the global "Best in Sales" award for Cisco's Spark the Industry competition.

SPOT 2016

I overhauled the design and technology platform to prepare for the growth of SPOT, a parking marketplace allowing owners of private parking spaces to rent them to consumers and car sharing companies.

BBVA 2016

I evaluated global financial technology startup companies for participation in BBVA's Open Talent program as a part of their Evaluation Committee.

Prudential 2016

I architected and developed tools to help prospective investors map their path to retirement. More specifically, data visualizations that explain how Day One funds continue to adjust asset allocation for ten years post target date, becoming more conservative as the applicable target date approaches by reducing exposure to equity investments and increasing exposure to fixed income investments.

Work Today 2016

I founded, built, and grew Work Today, the world's largest labor marketplace that connects workers to jobs and businesses to workers, anytime, anywhere. As co-founder and CTO, I designed and built the company's technology platform and grew the business from 0 to 50,000 workers.

BlackRock 2015

I worked with BlockRock on data analysis, visualization, and engineering across a number of projects including the Global Investor Pulse, BlackRock Retirement Institute, BlackRock's Annual Report. I am also the developer behind the BlackRock United Kingdom website.

Mastercard 2014

I built open source payments software for Simplify, a payments processing product from Mastercard's research and development arm, Mastercard Labs.

Tab Technologies 2014

I co-founded Tab Technologies, invented "Multi-User Funding Sources", and built payments technologies to support group credit card payments.

Xively 2013

I built open source data visaulization software for Xively, an enterprise Internet of Things (IoT) platform, to visualize data from internet-connected hardware.

Luvn' Local 2011

I co-founded Luvn' Local and built loyalty and rewards network for local merchants with web and mobile applications.

Mazda 2013

I consulted on Mazda's iPad sales app, conducted focus groups, analyzed raw data, and presented insights and recommendations to Mazda executives.

And more...

I have worked with amazing people and led e-commerce engineering, advertising, and optimization projects for brands and agencies including:

American Well Sudara Stella Valle Los Mayores Be Brilliant Bags Simms Fishing Biogenesis Love is Project Norton Point Brewsees Eyewear MASS EDMC Everyday California Torero Specialty Products Sensory Edge Creative Action Network Cristiano Ronaldo CR7 Grudado em Voce (BR) Anna Beck Jerlery Marrow Fine Jewlery Blackjack Apprenticeship Diyanu Liz Robbins and Associates The Inflatable Run Amaira Skincare Oral Essentials Freedom Laser Therapy World Renowned Social Outlier Omega Pulse Checker DigiCal Foxwell Digital Mammoth Montana MiCom Media Red Giant Growth Union Pixel

Beating the Pandemic

Along with a divere team, I organized the MIT COVID-19 Challenge, a series of hackathon events drawing 1,000's of participants from over 100 countries to develop solutions during the COVID-19 crisis.

Virtual, April 2020

Hacking FinTech

I had the pleasure of working with Citi and Hiscox Insurance to launch the first annual MIT FinTech Challenge, a hackathon focused on solving real-world financial technology business challenges.

Cambridge, MA, February 2019


Other activities, programs, and accelerators:

MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund 2018

Reviewed and mentored MIT student startup teams funded by MIT's Sandbox Innovation Fund, which provides seed funding for student-initiated entrepreneurship ideas.

Kairos Society 2017

Fellow in the Kairos Society, a global community of Fellows, Founders & Advisors that work together to identify society's most pressing challenges and build new solutions to address them.

Plug and Play Cross Border Program 2017

Toured China with Plug and Play, the world's largest accelerator in the world's largest market, to meet with government agencies, private corporations, technology incubators and universities.

MuckerLab 2016

Worked with the team at Mucker Capital in their MuckerLab program during the early stages of building Work Today.

Startupbootcamp 2014

Selected with Tab Technologies as one of 10 from 400 global FinTech companies for Startupbootcamp's London-based FinTech accelerator.

MassChallenge 2013

Selected with Tab Technologies as one of 128 finalists from 1,200 global comapnies for MassChallenge's Boston-based startup accelerator.

Bentley University 2014

Earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Marketing, Computer Information Systems, and Entrepreneurial Studies at Bentley University in Waltham, MA.

Collaborating with QUT

I have the pleasure of collaborating with Queensland University of Technology to grow their entrepreneurship education program to support 50,000 students.

Brisbane, Australia, November 2019


About Me

Paul Cheek Headshot

Paul Cheek is a serial tech entrepreneur, software engineer, and an Entrepreneur in Residence at the Martin Trust Center for MIT Entrepreneurship.

Paul is currently building Oceanworks, the global marketplace for recycled ocean plastic materials and products aimed at accelerating the market for recycled ocean plastic to clean-up the ocean. Prior, Paul co-founded Work Today, a venture-backed digital staffing and recruiting company. As CTO, he designed and built the company's technology platform and grew the business from 0 to 50,000 workers. Previously, Paul co-founded Tab Technologies where he invented multi-user credit card payments and built the company’s software infrastructure to handle complex, real-time payment transaction routing and processing.

Paul has also built technologies for and consulted with LogMeIn, BlackRock, Prudential, Mazda, and more. Paul was a Kairos Society Fellow and a mentor for entrepreneurs in Startup Bootcamp and the MIT Sandbox Innovation Fund.